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The text on this page was copied (on 5/24/05) from, the website for an Ohio-based "pirate" radio station that turned out to be owned by Clear Channel. After word got out that Clear Channel owned Free Radio Ohio, the company promptly took the site down. Background info here.

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The following is a list of radio stations in Northeast Ohio that should be forced to turn off their transmitters and turn their licenses over to the Federal Communications Commission.

Akron ­

WHLO (640 ­ AM) obviously operated by communist, WHLO consists of nothing more than right wing rhetoric dispensed at toxic levels. WHLO features overbearing personalities that have little or no knowledge of actual facts. They allow their lack of knowledge to never get in the way of pushing Wıs plan and opinions upon us like a dealer addicted to his own crack. WHLO airs Quinn and Rose in the morning followed by a show that is so bad it was dropped by a Cleveland station, Glenn Beck. Speaking of those addicted to drugs, Rush Limbaugh follows beck and is the lead in to the Rightıs political poster boy Sean Hannity. After Hannity on WHLO, is the gay bashing Michael Savage, then the Laura Ingram Show. Where are our Barf bags?

WAKR (1590 ­ AM) Barely a radio station at all, WAKR is now a shadow of itıs former self. Back in the day you could listen to 1590 to hear everything that was going on in Akron . Now we get small segments of grammatically incorrect newscasts voiced by what appears to our ears to be strangers off the street. The morning show on WAKR is hosted by Ray Horner, heıs the whipping boy for the Mayors office in Akron , not to mention Council President Summerville. If Marco wants to fill a pothole on Wooster Ave , WAKR will devote a 20 minute morning segment to it. You should hear the segment called the ŒEntertainment report" which features a 15 minute interview with a guy who installs cable television in Akron This airs every morning. Itıs just insane enough for us not to make it up. The rest of the day is filled with music piped in from a satellite hosted by DJıs in Los Angeles . The Musicıs okay, but what ever happened to " Akron ıs news Authority"?

WCUE (1130 ­ AM) Once a dominate radio station in town itıs now nothing more than a rebroadcast of religious programming. There is no local programming whatsoever.

WTOU (1350 ­ AM) Hereıs another one to add to the "nobody has listened in 20 years file". 1350 was Akronıs first radio station signing on as WADC. That was the first problem. WADC stands for the "Akron Auto Dealers Club". It was set up as nothing more than a commercial mouth piece for local car dealers. Then in the 60ıs it became WSLR. WSLR programmed popular country music. In 1994 the format was switched to urban gospel then in 1999 to Sports. Now itıs filled with sports talk about everything except local sports. Want to hear if Buchtel beat Hoban last night? You wonıt hear it on 1350. You will get Jim Rome and Womenıs Basketball.

WZIP (88.1 ­ FM) WZIP is operated by the students at The University of Akron. To promote diversity, the station dropped its ethnic programming several years ago in favor of Hip-Hop Music. Genius.

WAPS (91.3 FM) Calling themselves "The Summit" an obvious reference to the mountain tops in our area, WAPS programs a rock format. Itıs completely commercial free, but hereıs the catch: the near bankrupt Akron Public Schools who are now deciding which schools in Akron to close due to lack of funds for upkeep, PAY for this radio station. Radio free Ohio has seen other local radio stations sell for as much as $40 million dollars. Perhaps the schools could stay open if they got out of the rock radio business?

WQMX (94.9 ­ FM) Radio Free Ohio is not about music stations. In fact we have plenty of our own favorite music downloaded into out Ipods, therefore the modern country sounds of this radio station donıt do too much for us. Interesting Note: This station is actually licensed to MEDINA , Ohio , but pretends to be an Akron Station.

WONE (97.5 ­ FM) How many times do you need to hear Free Bird? Apparently everyday or at least WONE thinks so. Here is another example of a waste of watts. Listen during the day and youıll hear the WONE Program Director, T.K. OıGrady talking over top himself. WONE uses whatıs called in the radio industry as "Voice Tracking" where a DJ prerecords his/her radio program before it airs. Thatıs fine with us, but TK is not very technically talented so we sometimes hear him talking live overtop one of his voice tracks.

WKDD (98.1 ­ FM) Fedex canıt find the studios of WKDD. Thatıs our theory to explain why WKDD plays nothing more than Matchbox 20. WKDD mornings are hosted by Matt Patrick. Matt has a long history in Akron, nNone of which can be discussedin mixed company. He makes Wilt Chamberlin look like an amateur.

Canton ­ *** Canton only has 2 FM stations

WHBC (94.1 ­ FM) Featuring an assortment of music spanning genres from Oldies, to Heavy mental is Mix 94.1. Weıre told this is one of the highest rated stations in Canton . Because of this we are now asking for Stark County to withdraw from the State of Ohio .

WRQK (106.9) What was once a cool rock station, Rock 107 is another proponent of playing Free Bird every day.

WCER (900 AM) The station says itıs where Christ Ever Reigns, except of course when Dr. Laura, Bill OıReilly or High School basketball are aired on the station. WCER has some notoriety in that they have been recently fined by the FCC for violations, including not allowing an FCC inspector onto the property,

WRCW (1060 ­ AM) Now a religious station.

WHBC (1480 ­ AM) another station with the "throw a dart and see what works attitude". In a typical day youıll hear biased news coverage followed by oldies from artists who have admitted their music is so bad, theyıve asked it not be played on the radio.

WINW (1520 ­ AM) Now a Gospel station. When we feel like some Be Be and Ci Ci, this is the place.


WKSU (89.7 ­FM) We have to cut them a little slack as they are at least on our side, but this has to be the most boring radio station in the world. Somewhere in the bylaws of "The Corporation for Public Broadcasting" there must be an edict to never sound alive.

WNIR (100.1 ­ FM) clearly the worst talk station in the history of the spoken word. WNIR features Stan Piatt reading the latest dick jokes that have been posted on the internet. He is followed by Howie Chisek, who clearly does nothing more than read the Akron Beacon Journal verbatim on the air. Afternoons you can find former Cleveland Brown Bob Golic. Bob is not too bright. How else do you explain the brilliant career decision of a bit part on ŒSaved by the Bell : The College years". Far an away the worst radio broadcaster ever is Tom Erickson. On a recent night Tom was reading Storm warnings for "HOME" county in Northeast Ohio . When challenged by a caller who reminded him itıs "HOLMES" county, he responded with "Iıve been doing radio for over 15 years around here, I know its HOME county". For the record, itıs Holmes County .

WJMP ­ (1520 ­AM) The sister station of WNIR-FM, WJMP has forever changed the radio landscape with innovative programming. For example, they simulcast the audio of a local low power TV station that primarily airs infomercials. We were excited to recently discover that WJMP had adopted the "Air America " format, but were discouraged when we could not pick up the radio station in Akron , or Cuyahoga Falls , or even Kent . On a recent day trip to Kent I had to drive to the Wal+mart across from the radio station in order to pick it up and even then it was difficult.