Subject: Hey there, Hi there, Ho there

Someone sent me a copy of your review of ANSWER Me! (See Zines, etc., #10) in Stay Free! (At least we have exclamation points in common.) While I certainly don't expect someone of your apparent ideological ilk to like ANSWER Me!, I think you manifested some logical flaws which bear mentioning:

Precisely why would you cut the rapper Paris slack but not us? (I'm not asking you to cut us slack, just to be consistent.) Do you seriously believe that with his major-label record contract and all the money that comes with it, he's more "oppressed" than us? And regarding Paris and his whitey-baiting, what do you make of crime statistics for rape, murder, and assault, all which conclusively state that black-on-white violence is much higher than the reverse? Do you ignore them? Do you try to suppress them? I'm sure if the opposite were true, you'd mention such statistics in every other breath. Lord knows we hear enough about how all serial killers are white. But did you ever wonder why you never hear that the black murder rate is about FIVE times their statistical representation in the population? Again, you're not being consistent.

Also, I find your comments about "My Sick Mommy" rather logically specious. If a woman had written about her abusive father, you'd blame the father, wouldn't you? I get the sense that you'd consider such an article heroic. In my case--and according to prevailing liberal thought--aren't you blaming the victim? I mean, my mother beat me and consistently verbally abused me, and I'M the fucked-up one for hating her?

Again, I don't expect you to agree with me. But it is precisely this sort of double standard which gave rise to ANSWER Me! And not everyone who likes the magazine feels a need to make excuses for it, as you inferred. A lot of them agree with it.

Also, I've noticed that people these days throw around the phrases "racist" and "sexist" the same way that McCarthyites used to toss around "communist." Before you blindly apply these labels to us, I'd like you to focus in on my intro to "Rapeworld" (the linchpin of the whole issue) and tell me EXACTLY what's wrong with my argument. Don't just say it's wrong. I think you'll find that a much taller order than the condemnation-without-a-logical-rebuttal technique you've been using.

Jim Goad

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