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I S S U E # 2 5

From our latest magazine, the Pranks issue, available now:
(Contents will be online eventually)

Media Virus: Social networking expert Jonah Peretti explains how silly videos and email pranks created the Bored at Work Network.

From the Bush Twins to the Anorexic Beach Lady
An Interview with Museum of Hoaxes curator Alex Boese.

Hoaxes in History: The Report from Iron Mountain

Indecent Exposure
The truth behind overpopulation, the Church of Euthanasia, and the Jerry Springer Show; by Nina Paley, as told to Audrey Tempelsman.

George Parker: The Man Who Sold New York (comics)

The Organization Man
How far will a Starbucks employee go to please a fictitious boss?

From "Whassup?" to "Shut Up!"
What does pop language tell us about our world? Interview with cultural critic Leslie Savan.

Prank'd: A few of our favorite pranks, courtesy of the Bored at Work Network
by Charles Star

Ever Pull a Good Prank?
We asked our readers. Here's what they had to say.

The Secret Lives of Brooklyn Doormen
Photo essay by David Gochfeld.

Around Town with Eugene Mirman
The local comic reviews restaurants in brownstone Brooklyn.

Benjamin Franklin: Original Prankster