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I S S U E # 2 4
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The Short Life of Flash Mobs
Who'd have thought a single email designed to mock New York scenesters would have turned into an international craze? The Park Slope-based founder of flash mobs talks to Stay Free! about his experiment in social networking. Interview by Francis Heaney.

Jesus In Space
Negativland's Mark Hosler talks to a man who makes robots and murals for Christian theme parks.

How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plastics
Jeffrey Meikle discusses the history of plastic and its place in American culture. Interview by Allison Xantha Miller.

The Freaky Universe of McDonald's Advertising
Two All-Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onions on a Sesame Seed LIE! Tim Harrod looks at McDonald's commercials, old and new.

Hoop Schemes
Why are cities across the country sinking taxpayer money into sports stadiums and arenas? Charles Star talks to Andrew Zimbalist and Neil DeMause.

Photos: Federation of Black Cowboys
Since 1994 the Federation of Black Cowboys has provided a bit of the Wild West to Brooklyn's East New York.

Law and Order
Consumer advocate Mark Peters hopes to turn the District Attorney's office around, but he's got to win an election first. Interview by Charles Star.

Around Town with Eugene Mirman
Restaurant reviews (sort of).

The Idiot Consumer
Advertisers once called typical consumers barnyard animals and morons. Carrie McLaren discusses the early days of advertising public relations.

Fiction: The Professional
"Sonia had to know that she was our friend first and we cared about her beyond the money and the convenience." By Alexandra Ringe.

Martin Luther King (tm)
Excerpted from Freedom of Expression: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity, by Kembrew McLeod.

My New Favorite Thing
Music, books, and other items we fancy.

Babes in Toyland
The markets for plastic preemies and sex dolls are more alike than you may realize.

Crossword: Brooklyn Unreal Estate
by Francis Heaney.