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The Trouble with Wal-Mart: Whatever you've heard about the retail giant, it's a lot worse than you think. Interview with journalist Liza Featherstone.

Wal-Mart Pranked! by Joe the Peacock
A former employee gets his revenge. This is a edited version of a much longer article, which you can read here.

Pricing the Priceless: How much would you pay for a case of chronic bronchitis? What is a hunchback whale worth? Frank Ackerman and Lisa Heinzerling discuss the sordid world of cost-benefit analysis. SIDEBAR: The Costs and Benefits of Setting Yourself on Fire.

Volkswagen: The Vehicle for Comparison
Chris Boznos ponders the rapid spread of a curious new measuring stick.

Flavor Makers: A couple of former factory workers talk about non-blueberry blueberries, the dangers of peppermint oil, and why you really, really don't want to spill the diacetyl

Eyesore of the Month: When fake charitable clothing boxes invaded Brooklyn, our intrepid reporter -- Charles Star -- repurposed them.

Reel People: Chances are those old Laurel & Hardy prints sitting in your basement aren't nearly as valuable as your mom's home movies. The founders of Home Movie Day talk about amateur films and what they can teach us.

Eugene Mirman: The Brooklyn-based comedian talks about his native Russia, temping, and surviving the comedy biz. See also: Eugene reviews Park Slope hangouts.

My New Favorite Thing: Music, books, and other items we fancy

Fake classifieds


The Windsor Terrorist: A local teen is mistaken for one of al Qaeda's.

Interview with Jake Greene: a homeless man who has been in Park Slope longer than you.

The Mouse That Whored: Chuck E. Cheese has hit Brooklyn, but is it the borough's newest fun spot or the latest scar of gentrification?

It's No Moon River: Stay Free! takes a canoe trip down the Gowanus.