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Introduction: Advertising and the End of History

World View: News from the marketing world and other sick stuff

Selling Advertising: Inger Stole discusses the history of the advertising industryıs public relations

WarXploitation: A brief look at ads during WWII

Trivial Pursuit: an interview with historian and author James Loewen Sort of.

Top Ten Embarrassing Moments in the History of the American Textbook

Textbooks, Up Close

Pop Quiz: Take the SF! history test

Communists We Heart

Dumbing Down the Kids: Jane Healy explains the impact of media use on learning

Heartache. Disappointment. Pain. Readers describe their "aspirational" purchases

When Law Goes Pop: Richard Sherwin reveals the influence of television on the legal system

Advertising History according to the textbooks
by Vince Norris

MeBay! Ebay for fun and profit
by Joe Garden

Your Ad Here: As advertisers rush to cover every available surface, are they driving us insane?
by Carrie McLaren

Resources for further reading

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