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Issue #17 | Summer/Fall 2000


World View - Marketing news and other sick stuff

New York's Great Outdoors
Stay Free!'s map of Manhattan billboards

How to Look at Billboards
by Howard Gossage

Media Literacy Sells Out plus
A Sample Media Literacy Lesson
by Carrie McLaren

The High Cost of Free Speech
Jay Huber on the increasingly fine line separating
commercial and free speech

Attention Deficit Disordered: Interview with
ADHD anthropologist Ken Jacobson

An excerpt from the Journal of Modern Brain Damage:
Science Finds the ADHD Cure

REAL ADHD Diagnostic Test

Grave Revisionism: Advertising Claims the Dead
Dead famous people and the products they sell

Attn: Advertisers
(dead people who SHOULD be in commercials)

Not doing it for the money?

Stay Free! asks: Ever Been Fired ?

Why Are Some Anti-Tobacco Ads So Lame?

Annals of Tobacco

Jason Torchinsky Tours the Playboy Mansion

The GOOD news about branding

Hiking the Appelation Trail:
Jason Torchinsky Defends his Brand

Lots more news from the marketing world and other sick stuff